Fall Mini Sessions 2019 // Beatrice & Fairbury NE // Family Photography

It’s that time of year again!

Time for the leaves to change, time for my favorite boots and sweaters to come out of hiding, and most importantly it’s time to update your family pictures! ;)

I’ll be hosting 20 minute mini sessions in Fairbury on October 26th. These are intended to be short and sweet which works really well for families with little kids! They are open to expecting mothers, couples, and high school seniors as well. If you’re looking for a fun session at a low cost, these are perfect for you!


Session fees are $100 plus tax and must be paid in full within 48 hours of booking your time slot, or I will move on to the next in line. This price includes 20 minutes of photo shooting, an online gallery with the best images from your session, and 5 digital downloads of your choice with a print release. As always, you’ll get the option to purchase more digital images or professional prints if desired.


Fairbury, NE - Saturday October 26th

4:30 - Alsman Family

5:00 - Brown Family


6:00 - Alaina


Please fill out the form below to reserve your time slot! I’ll do my best to keep this page updated with the available spots. In the message field, be sure to include your preferred time and what type of session (family, maternity, etc.) and how many people will be there.

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Hannah McDaniel // High School Senior Portraits // Fairbury, NE Photographer

Hannah came all the way from Glenvil, NE to meet up with me and create some unique Senior Portraits! She said she wanted to stand out from her classmates, plus we go way back! Her uncle married my momma 11 years ago, so I’ve known Hannah since she was just a little thing. Hannah is sweet and giggly, which totally makes sense because she comes from a family who loves to laugh.

We started off the session with a few family portraits (which I offer to all my Seniors in case you didn’t know). I love how the four of them reacted to the prompts that I gave them! I try to keep sessions fun and lighthearted, and this group did a great job at doing just that! Hannah and her sister Maddie have such a special bond, so of course we had to snap some of the two of them.

The sun was so dreamy that night and Hannah is obviously gorgeous, so we got some really beautiful shots! The photos of natural laughs and beautiful movements always have my heart. Hannah gave me both! We mixed things up a bit by shooting half her pictures at a local park and the second half downtown in a unique alleyway. I think it’s safe to say none of her classmates will have photos that look just like hers! =)


I hope Hannah’s Senior year is off to a great start! If you’re interested in booking a session of your own, just click the Book Now button below to send me a message! Don’t forget to follow along on Facebook . ;) You can find me on Pinterest and Instagram too!

Brooklynn, Bryar & Bryxten // Family Photography // Fairbury, NE

Brooklynn was my second ever Senior Portraits client back in 2013! She used to babysit my first born son and has always been a good friend of mine. It’s been so awesome watching her grow into the loving mama that she is today! About a year ago we were taking her maternity photos, and just recently we got together for some fun family portraits at Crystal Springs Park in Fairbury. I absolutely adore the way these pictures turned out! All the family feels, awesome outfit choices, lil barefoot baby toes, and a gorgeous sunny evening. Doesn’t get much better than that!

You might not believe it, but Bryx was a tough nut to crack that evening! He’s usually f u l l of smiles, but I think he was a little camera shy :P We worked our butts off to get him to smile! Regardless of how goofy we all looked in the process, I managed to capture some really sweet moments between the handsome little man and his parents. I secretly love sessions where kids seem less than cooperative, because I always seem to surprise mom & dad with what I’m able to capture! It’s all about timing and patience, my friends.


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Dean's Physical Therapy Session // Beatrice, NE Lifestyle Photography

I had an idea about a month ago to reach out to some local families with kids/family members who have disabilities to see if they’d be interested in letting me take some lifestyle photographs and write a bit about the challenges they face and the obstacles they’ve overcome. I was so excited when Jade said she’d love for me to tag along to one of Dean’s therapy sessions! He does Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy every week. I hadn’t ever had the privilege of photographing Dean before that, so I was a tad nervous about how he’d feel about me following him around with my camera. To my surprise he really got a kick out of me being there! He worked soooo hard (which I’m sure he always does) and kept flashing me the cutest grins.


I’ve known Dean since he was just a little baby. He’s a sweet, handsome little man with a handful of diagnoses. He was born with PPHN or Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension in which blood is forced away from the lungs due to high blood pressure in the arteries that go to the lungs. This was caused by a blot clot in Dean’s umbilical cord. The PPHN caused a lack of blood flow to Dean’s brain, resulting in another diagnosis of Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE). With this diagnosis came the diagnosis of Moderate Intellectual Disability - this will develop/change as he grows and gets older - it will all depend on how well his brain grows and develops. Because of the HIE, Dean has episodes of myclonic seizures and myclonic twitching (which resemble seizures but he is able to keep eye contact and will try to follow commands/stay engaged when the twitching is happening). When he is seizing and/or twitching, his body uses up more calories than he’s able to take in, which has caused some issues with weight gain. Thankfully he had a G-Tube placed and is growing steadily now. He has Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a group of disorders that affect a person's ability to move and maintain balance and posture. CP is the most common motor disability in childhood. Spastic quadriplegia is a specific type of spastic cerebral palsy that refers to difficulty in controlling movements in the arms and the legs. Those who experience this form of Cerebral Palsy will not have paralysis of the muscles, but rather jerking motions that come from stiffness within all four limbs.


After our session I had Dean’s mom, Jade answer a series of questions for me. The questions I posed to her are in bold, and her answers are written below each question.

  • What are some of Dean's biggest challenges? What tools do you have to help him with those challenges?

    • His biggest challenge right now would have to be communication-I feel that he can understand most things to a point and that he knows what he wants-he has a hard time communicating his wants and needs. He can get really frustrated with this and so can Justin and I. We are working with him to use an app on his iPad for a communication device. He started using this at therapy in Beatrice and he has been doing pretty good with it, so we are going to start to use it at home as well. Another challenge I would have to say would be that he really wants to be "one of the kids"-this is hard for us as well. It is hard to watch him watch other kids and I can tell that he just wants to get down to go play with them. He has a gait trainer that he uses at therapy and at home. He also has an amazing babysitter and daycare friends who make sure that he is involved with activities throughout the day. When he is in school, he has adaptive equipment to make sure that he is involved with every activity throughout the day.

  • What is one thing you wish you could tell the whole world about Dean or his condition? Do you have any frequently asked questions that you feel like you answer all the time?

    • I really don't have just one thing to say. I just want people to ask, don't stare...if you have questions, ask.

      Dean is a person, he wants to be noticed and included. He may not be able to tell you this, but if you take the time to pay attention, he will show you.

      Oh and yes his glasses are real, I would never make my lil guy wear fake glasses just because they are cute...

  • What is one of his accomplishments that you are most proud of?

    • Oh, I would have to say almost all of them. When he was first diagnosed in the NICU and the were explaining to us what we should prepare ourselves for-they basically said that he would never get to the point where he was when he hit 2 years. He has well succeeded that and is continuing to amaze me everyday. I admire his will to strive for doing the things that we take for granted everyday-and he does this with his smile that melts the hearts of so many 90% of the time. Dean makes me proud everyday. I am one lucky Momma to get to call him mine!

  • What do you feel is the most important thing that you've learned since becoming Dean's mom?

    • Never back down and never let a doctor tell you that your gut is wrong. Always follow your "mom gut" and never stop fighting for your kid!


My goal is to do 4-6 of these sessions a year. I offer one hour sessions with 5 digital images in exchange for the chance to share you or your kiddos unique story here on my website. If you are interested in participating, please fill out the form below.

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Casey Nimmich // High School Senior Portraits // Fairbury, NE Photography

Casey is a Senior at FHS in Fairbury. I’ve known her since she was a little girl and I’m just blown away by the beautiful young woman she’s become! She was so easy to work with and we couldn’t have asked for better weather the night of her photo session.

We stayed around the Fairbury area, starting off at my favorite patch of wildflowers in town. Then we ventured down the road to the old train depot and climbed in an abandoned rail car. We stopped off at a cool little building downtown before heading out to her mom’s horse farm just a couple miles out. While we were out there I tried my hand at a fun little technique that produces round sun flares, resulting in a really unique portrait. We finished up her session on the beach at the lake behind her dad’s house. The lighting was to die for at that point! I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite location from her session. Everywhere we went, Casey looked stunning!


I love how Casey chose outfits that had similar color tones, creating a really nice flow throughout her session. When all of the outfits have a similar vibe it makes displaying the images so easy because all of the photos are harmonious. She kept things just the right amount of classic and trendy, which I adore. And her choice of jewelry was perfect! All in all, I’m so happy with how her photos came together. I wish every session went this smoothly!


It has been so fun working with the Class of 2020 so far and I’m really looking forward to creating some more amazing senior portraits before the summer is over! It’s not too late to book a summer session of your own! ;)

Claire Hookstra // High School Senior Photo Session // Wymore, NE Photography

Claire was such a joy to photograph! Her confidence was through the roof and her long, gorgeous hair made for the perfect accessory to play with. Claire was one of the first people I met when we moved to Wymore last year. My mother-in-law chatted her up while she was life-guarding at the local pool and told me I just HAD to meet her! She is so kind and very involved in the community, so I was really excited when her mom reached out and told me she wanted me to take her Senior Portraits!

We started off in my friend’s little field of wildflowers on their farm. I’m a sucker for the summer wildflowers! I try to shoot in them as much as possible because they never seem to last very long. Claire wore the cutest purple top that coordinated well with some of the blossoms there!


After that, we went downtown to the main street in Wymore. This was probably my favorite part of the session because I’ve been really wanting to shoot down there! I actually took my five year old down there for some birthday pictures back in May, but… He acted like a five year old and goofed off the entire time. Claire was much more photogenic! ;)


Last but not least we stopped out at Big Indian lake and found a perfect patch of lilies growing there. Then this chick hopped right in the lake! I think that was the most fun part of the session. Sure did feel good after sweating our butts off for an hour and a half haha. I loved that she was so willing to try all of my crazy ideas (including a hair flip fail and getting literally alllll the way in the water!).


There’s still a little time to book a summer session if you’re looking for fun Senior Portraits in the wildflowers or the water! I would love to create some stunning images for you. If you wanna chat, just click the button below. If you love these images and want to stay up to date on my latest adventures, follow me on Facebook and Instagram!

Sara Huss // Senior Portraits on the Farm // Reynolds, NE

Sara’s Senior Session was so much fun! I love it when I get to create images at a location that’s near and dear to the subject’s heart. Her family’s farm was definitely that! I think the creek was my personal fav because I kicked my shoes off and enjoyed the cool water right along with her! I actually found an antique drinking glass in the sand too! I collect river glass, so after checking with her mom to be sure it was okay, I packed it away to take home as a keep-sake. Plus, could Sara look ANY cuter in that peachy pink dress with the greenery around her?! I lust love those colors with her natural red hair.


After we finished splashing around, we hiked back up to the fields and found this stunning patch of tall grass just glowing in the sunlight and a little grove of trees they called ‘the alley’. This is where I captured one of my veryyy favorite photos from her session (although it’s hard to choose a #1 fav because they’re all so beautiful!).


Let’s be real here. Pretty much everywhere I looked out there, I could’ve created a beautiful photo! Their farm is picture-perfect. And when I say picture-perfect, I don’t mean ‘perfect’ as in no messes, nothing out of order, blah blah. I mean perfectly beautiful in it’s natural state. Seriously allllll kinds of gorgeous scenery! I sooo hope Sara’s little sis will invite me back out to their farm for her Senior Portraits when the time comes! I’d love to shoot there again!

During the last little portion of our time together, we made use of the wildflowers growing out by the road and the ever-beautiful sun setting lower and lower in the sky. I always love how soft and peaceful things look when the sun really starts sinking down at the end of the day!


Do you love these images & want to create some of your own with Archetype Images!? Just click the button below to shoot me an email and we can start planning your session today!

Nickel Kids // Cousin Photo Session // Fairbury, NE

Cousins always have so much fun! It’s awesome to see the bond that these cousins share and also just how unique each kiddo is. One of them traveled all the way from Colorado just to have his photos taken. Just kidding, he’s spending the summer here with his family. But what better time to get them all together for family portraits, right!?

These guys did NOT stop moving during out photo shoot! I secretly love when kids are busy bees because it allows me to think on my feet and come up with some fun ways to get those adorable candid shots that I love so much. So we raced and skipped, played ring-a-round-the-rosie, danced to the Baby Shark song, and climbed on the rocks at McNish Park during our time together. I think the end result was pretty awesome!

I just love photographing these kids. Little miss Scarlett has been in front of my camera since she was born in 2017 and now I’ve officially photographed all of her cousins on her mama’s side. It’s such a joy to watch little ones grow up and document their milestones as they go.


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McDonald's Date // Skyler & Blake's Engagement Photos // Steel City, Nebraska Photography

I’m Lovin’ It

Skyler and Blake were high school sweet hearts who have managed to keep their love alive into adulthood, probably thanks to all the McDonald’s date nights. Just kidding! Really though, when Skyler mentioned wanting to include some Mickey D’s food into their Engagement Session I was all for it! A McDonald’s picnic sounded like a Happy Meal to me! ;)

We had some big plans for the rest of their session, but we got rained out about 10 minutes in. At least the burgers didn’t go to waste! Stay tuned for some dreamy, sun-drenched engagement pictures to come (if this rain everrrrr stops…it’s actually raining here in Wymore as I type).


Family Photos & Pregnancy Announcement // Svoboda Crew // Beatrice Nebraska Photographer

Oliver’s getting promoted from Only Child to Big Brother!

It was a perfect evening to celebrate the addition to this adorable family of 3. The temperature was perfect and the sunlight was on point. Heck, even the three-year-old sat right down and smiled for me! That last bit about Oliver sitting didn’t last too long haha! He cracked a few big smiles for me, then went right on being a busy little boy and showing off for the lady with the camera. ;)

Good news though, I happen to love chasing little kiddos around and thinking of new ways to make them laugh. Honestly, I probably have more patience for your kiddos than my own! And that’s saying something, because I’m a firm believer when it comes to the idea that ‘kids will be kids’ (as long as they’re being respectful and safe). Oliver was a tough nut to crack the first two times he came to have his portraits done, but this time we really hit it off & I captured many grins and giggles! He’s just sooo handsome! I can’t wait to meet his perfect little brother or sister when the time comes!


Fifth Birthday Photo Session // Chase Lee // Fairbury Nebraska Photographer

Chase and his mama have been loyal clients since I first started this business in 2017. They mean the world to me, not only because they are my dream clients, but they’re family! The Busing bunch is a big one, and we’re all 3 blessed to be a part of it.

I always look forward to seeing this handsome guy in the spring around his birthday. I’m amazed every time at how much he’s grown! His two missing teeth just melt my heart!


Can’t have a photo session without a little fun!


Here you can see just how much Chase (and my photography skillzz) have grown!


Rhonda & Milo

I’m always SO honored when family and friends ask me to capture photos of them and their loved ones! This business brings me so much happiness, and a big part of that is bringing smiles to my client’s faces with the images I capture for them. Rhonda has had Milo, her pup, for almost as long as I’ve known her & this session proved to me my theory that dogs are almost exactly like big, furry kids!


Remy's Senior Session

Senior portrait sessions are so much fun! I loved working with Remy and capturing some cool pictures of him before he graduates mid-term in December! After what seemed like weeks worth of rain, we lucked out and got some perfect fall weather last week! One of the best parts of my job is capturing faces as they are for families to look back on and remember forever. It’s amazing how things can change when you’re not really paying attention. Growing up, Remy was my neighbor friend’s rambunctious little brother…it seems like yesterday! Now, he’s taller than I am and graduating high school.

“In this life that we call home, the years go fast but the days go so slow…”


Fall Mini Special

Fall is in the air and family portraits are on my mind!


This is a killer deal: only $85 for a 15 minute session with FIVE digital images and a print release included. The session fee is due in full in order to book your time slot. I have two days in October dedicated to these fun, quick sessions - Wednesday the 17th and Friday the 19th.

This session is open to families, children couples, and high school seniors. I’ll try to get a variety of poses in and provide a gallery of 7-15 images for you to choose your 5 favorites. The rest of your gallery will be available to purchase prints and/or more digital images from.

Wednesday October 17th, 2018:

5:30 - Kelsey & Kids

5:50 - Johnson Family

6:10 -

6:30 - Lambert-Cherry Family

6:50 -

Friday October 19th, 2018

5:30 -

5:50 -

6:10 - Lil Miss Scarlett

6:30 - Kat, Jesse

6:50 -

Everett's Newborn Session

This was such an exciting session for me for a few reasons! One of them being that this was one of my childhood friend’s first baby! He’s perfect in every way. Another reason was that this was my first session in my new studio space! My husband and I bought a house in Wymore a few months ago, and I claimed the perfect little room at the front of the house to use as my office/studio. (I’ll be writing about how I set it up and some fun details soon, so stay tuned for that). Anyways, let’s have a look at some of my favorite shots of sweet little Everett Michael!


This first set on the maroon drop is so simple and sweet - I just love it! Next up, baby boy is sporting the mooooost adorable cow outfit that his auntie made for him. I tried to pose him in a cute little tin bucket, but he wasn’t feelin’ it, so we quickly moved on to plan B, which was equally adorable!


Last but not least, we slipped the sleepy guy into this darling little overalls set and oh my goodness! It was the perfect way to end his session. I can’t wait to watch this little sweet heart grow up and my two boys sure are looking forward to meeting him! Everett, you’re gonna go far, kid.


Beckman Bunch

Nicki is a beautiful mother to three boys! Yep, you read it right. She's got her hands full, but she has raised these three brothers to be respectful, kind, and sarcastic (which I love!). They all have such a great sense of humor and it was so fun to see that as we fought off the mosquitoes and captured some precious photos for this mom of 3. 


Gouin Kids

Many times, I push off taking pictures of my own children because life is busy. But really, that's why it's SO important to step back and capture our little one's faces and personalities once in a while! They change so quickly that if we skip this stuff altogether, it can be hard to recall what exactly they looked like last year, how their features have changed, or realize just how much their personalities have developed in the last six months. 




Berlyn is almost 8 years old. Somewhere between 6-9 months ago she declared that she hated all things pink/purple/sparkly/girly. She even convinced her Grandma to buy her some boy pants. Well, come to find out about a week ago, she was only pretending so that some of her friends at school would think she was cool. So now she's back to being herself, loving girly things and video games. She loves a challenge and prides herself in being a good leader.




Luna is six already! This little sweetheart was only two years old, just approaching her third birthday when her Daddy and I fell in love. She has grown by leaps and bounds in the last three years. She's tying her own shoes, writing her name, learning to read and really filling her role as a big sister well nowadays. She's like a little butterfly, fluttering from one activity to the next and looking beautiful while doing so. She loves having her hair done and a pretty dress on. In fact, she drives my crazy by changing her outfit 3+ times in a day and leaving all the clothes on her bedroom floor haha!


Jolsten, my first born, is four years old now. He was just a baby when Jon came waltzing into our lives. Berlyn and Luna have been his big sisters since he can remember, and for that he is so lucky. When Obsidian was born, Jolsten stepped right up to the Big Brother plate! It was like he was meant for the job. He is so caring and kind, particular and strict, and incredibly smart. I could see this little man growing up to be a lawyer or a police officer. He loves fiercely and understands so much for his age. He's one of a kind.


I'm gonna use this image of all four kiddos playing (Obsidian's favorite) ring-around-the-rosie to talk about my baby boy. Mostly because I didn't get the chance to capture an images of just him that night. He is a rowdy, rambunctious, goofy, mama-loving two year old. Jon and I have a long running joke about him being our Sour Patch Kid because one minute he's being a little pain in the butt, getting into trouble or whacking his brother. Then the next minute he's snuggling up to me, saying "I luhh you" and cleaning up his mess. Obie is his nickname, and we've been on a Garfield kick for a while now, so his self proclaimed name is "Odie" (like the pup in the show). He always keeps us on our toes and reminds us not to take life too seriously.


Their Daddy was my saving grace while taking these photographs. It's no easy feat to get four little kids to look and smile at the same time! Thanks to his "Magic Tricks" I caught this perfect moment of our four little monkeys laughing. 


This snapshot cracks me up! It's a pretty perfect depiction of these four little people's relationship and dynamic. Berlyn is the leader, the star of the show, struttin' her stuff. Jolsten is following along, always ready to join in on the fun. Luna is rolling her eyes, because as I mentioned, Berlyn is being the star of the show. Obie is doin' his own thang and looking quite ornery about it (as usual). I'm so blessed to be their mom/bonus mom. 

Ball Family

Is it corny to say that I had a ball with the Ball family!?

I know, I know. The answer is yes. But it's really true! 

We started off with a few "traditional" family portraits with Mom, Dad and the two kiddos. Grandma tagged along to help make baby boy smile, which is never a bad idea!


After that, we split up into smaller groups and kept moving to keep Cohen interested. Getting two-year-olds to cooperate for an hour isn't always easy, but that's why I ALWAYS try to go with the flow and remind Mom & Dad that I can capture great images between the toddler antics ;)


Playing games like "Got Your Nose" and the "Parachute" is a great way to get those big grins from even the most stubborn of kids!


A picture of Mom & Dad is always on my priority list. Let's not forget who made this whole family thing come to life!



In the end, some of my favorite photographs are the ones where no one is looking, the connection is real, or the smiles are so real. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I LOVE MY JOB! Capturing these moments that so quickly turn into memories is what I live for. 

Ashley & Kyle

Ashley and I have been friends for over 5 years and she was actually one of my first "models" when I was trying to really dive into photography and figure my camera out. We've done a few sessions over the years, but THIS one was my absolute favorite! 


The weather was perfect, Ashley and Kyle make the cutest couple, and they were willing to do all the silly/crazy things I asked of them, including getting soaking wet in the river! 


Catching those candid smiles and laughs is my favorite. 


Because who doesn't love a good splash - off?


And a passionate kiss in the river to top it all off. Couples sessions are quickly becoming one of my favorites because we can really get creative with them and have a ton of fun while capturing these images!