Family Photos & Pregnancy Announcement // Svoboda Crew // Beatrice Nebraska Photographer

Oliver’s getting promoted from Only Child to Big Brother!

It was a perfect evening to celebrate the addition to this adorable family of 3. The temperature was perfect and the sunlight was on point. Heck, even the three-year-old sat right down and smiled for me! That last bit about Oliver sitting didn’t last too long haha! He cracked a few big smiles for me, then went right on being a busy little boy and showing off for the lady with the camera. ;)

Good news though, I happen to love chasing little kiddos around and thinking of new ways to make them laugh. Honestly, I probably have more patience for your kiddos than my own! And that’s saying something, because I’m a firm believer when it comes to the idea that ‘kids will be kids’ (as long as they’re being respectful and safe). Oliver was a tough nut to crack the first two times he came to have his portraits done, but this time we really hit it off & I captured many grins and giggles! He’s just sooo handsome! I can’t wait to meet his perfect little brother or sister when the time comes!