Hannah McDaniel // High School Senior Portraits // Fairbury, NE Photographer

Hannah came all the way from Glenvil, NE to meet up with me and create some unique Senior Portraits! She said she wanted to stand out from her classmates, plus we go way back! Her uncle married my momma 11 years ago, so I’ve known Hannah since she was just a little thing. Hannah is sweet and giggly, which totally makes sense because she comes from a family who loves to laugh.

We started off the session with a few family portraits (which I offer to all my Seniors in case you didn’t know). I love how the four of them reacted to the prompts that I gave them! I try to keep sessions fun and lighthearted, and this group did a great job at doing just that! Hannah and her sister Maddie have such a special bond, so of course we had to snap some of the two of them.

The sun was so dreamy that night and Hannah is obviously gorgeous, so we got some really beautiful shots! The photos of natural laughs and beautiful movements always have my heart. Hannah gave me both! We mixed things up a bit by shooting half her pictures at a local park and the second half downtown in a unique alleyway. I think it’s safe to say none of her classmates will have photos that look just like hers! =)


I hope Hannah’s Senior year is off to a great start! If you’re interested in booking a session of your own, just click the Book Now button below to send me a message! Don’t forget to follow along on Facebook . ;) You can find me on Pinterest and Instagram too!