Ball Family

Is it corny to say that I had a ball with the Ball family!?

I know, I know. The answer is yes. But it's really true! 

We started off with a few "traditional" family portraits with Mom, Dad and the two kiddos. Grandma tagged along to help make baby boy smile, which is never a bad idea!


After that, we split up into smaller groups and kept moving to keep Cohen interested. Getting two-year-olds to cooperate for an hour isn't always easy, but that's why I ALWAYS try to go with the flow and remind Mom & Dad that I can capture great images between the toddler antics ;)


Playing games like "Got Your Nose" and the "Parachute" is a great way to get those big grins from even the most stubborn of kids!


A picture of Mom & Dad is always on my priority list. Let's not forget who made this whole family thing come to life!



In the end, some of my favorite photographs are the ones where no one is looking, the connection is real, or the smiles are so real. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I LOVE MY JOB! Capturing these moments that so quickly turn into memories is what I live for.