Everlee Brianne // 2 Months Old // The Little Things

The Little Things

Being this is my last baby, I feel like I’m treasuring each little milestone even more than before. Everlee has been smiling up a storm lately! She loves it when I smile and talk to her, standing up (assisted of course) and she just adores her older siblings. She also loves it when people sing to her. Big sister Berlyn made up a song that goes something like “Everlee, Everlee, can’t get enough of that Everlee…” *doo doo do doo doo do* and I kid you not, it will keep this baby quiet the whole way from Wymore to Fairbury.

She has been sleeping through the night better, loving bath time more than ever, and trying to roll over from her belly to her back. Her hair is crazy (and getting long!) and her eyes are still a beautiful baby blue (mama hopes they stay that way). She’s finding her voice and acting like a little diva already. I am so in love with all that she is and look forward to seeing what a beautiful little lady she becomes.