Nature photography…

One of my favorite aspects of this photography business is getting out into nature and capturing the beautiful details of this breathtaking world that we live in. There’s something so soothing to me about getting outside with my Nikon in hand. It doesn’t matter if it’s been the worst Monday of my existence or if I’m having the time of my life: nature photography always calls to me.

I’ve recently decided to take a leap of faith and begin printing these works of art using various medias. I plan to expand this collection and sell my products online and at craft fairs here and there. If you’re interested in purchasing a custom piece, that’s always an option too! You can email me and we can discuss details, or you can click the “See More” button below to be linked to a gallery of some of my favorite photos, from which you can order a variety of print products! Thank you for supporting this dream of mine! Each purchase made and session booked brings a smile to my face.


Nebraska based nature photography.