Gouin Kids

Many times, I push off taking pictures of my own children because life is busy. But really, that's why it's SO important to step back and capture our little one's faces and personalities once in a while! They change so quickly that if we skip this stuff altogether, it can be hard to recall what exactly they looked like last year, how their features have changed, or realize just how much their personalities have developed in the last six months. 




Berlyn is almost 8 years old. Somewhere between 6-9 months ago she declared that she hated all things pink/purple/sparkly/girly. She even convinced her Grandma to buy her some boy pants. Well, come to find out about a week ago, she was only pretending so that some of her friends at school would think she was cool. So now she's back to being herself, loving girly things and video games. She loves a challenge and prides herself in being a good leader.




Luna is six already! This little sweetheart was only two years old, just approaching her third birthday when her Daddy and I fell in love. She has grown by leaps and bounds in the last three years. She's tying her own shoes, writing her name, learning to read and really filling her role as a big sister well nowadays. She's like a little butterfly, fluttering from one activity to the next and looking beautiful while doing so. She loves having her hair done and a pretty dress on. In fact, she drives my crazy by changing her outfit 3+ times in a day and leaving all the clothes on her bedroom floor haha!


Jolsten, my first born, is four years old now. He was just a baby when Jon came waltzing into our lives. Berlyn and Luna have been his big sisters since he can remember, and for that he is so lucky. When Obsidian was born, Jolsten stepped right up to the Big Brother plate! It was like he was meant for the job. He is so caring and kind, particular and strict, and incredibly smart. I could see this little man growing up to be a lawyer or a police officer. He loves fiercely and understands so much for his age. He's one of a kind.


I'm gonna use this image of all four kiddos playing (Obsidian's favorite) ring-around-the-rosie to talk about my baby boy. Mostly because I didn't get the chance to capture an images of just him that night. He is a rowdy, rambunctious, goofy, mama-loving two year old. Jon and I have a long running joke about him being our Sour Patch Kid because one minute he's being a little pain in the butt, getting into trouble or whacking his brother. Then the next minute he's snuggling up to me, saying "I luhh you" and cleaning up his mess. Obie is his nickname, and we've been on a Garfield kick for a while now, so his self proclaimed name is "Odie" (like the pup in the show). He always keeps us on our toes and reminds us not to take life too seriously.


Their Daddy was my saving grace while taking these photographs. It's no easy feat to get four little kids to look and smile at the same time! Thanks to his "Magic Tricks" I caught this perfect moment of our four little monkeys laughing. 


This snapshot cracks me up! It's a pretty perfect depiction of these four little people's relationship and dynamic. Berlyn is the leader, the star of the show, struttin' her stuff. Jolsten is following along, always ready to join in on the fun. Luna is rolling her eyes, because as I mentioned, Berlyn is being the star of the show. Obie is doin' his own thang and looking quite ornery about it (as usual). I'm so blessed to be their mom/bonus mom.